Why Chapter 12?

So, you’re asking “Why is the bar called Chapter 12?”

There are several theories on this depending on who in the business you speak to. For example, some staff will probably suggest one of two theories; either simply that we operate a book exchange and the premises is No.12 High Street – i.e. chapter – a section of a book and 12 comes from the number of the premises – both of which are factually correct!

If you ask Nick Collinson he’ll probably tell you the name suggests there is life after ‘Chapter 11’ – i.e. “Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States’ Bankruptcy Code, which permits reorganization under the bankruptcy laws of the United States” – quoted from Wikipedia. We don’t have this ‘Chapter 11’ in England of course, but I guess the thinking is probably that with his ever optimistic viewpoint on life, there is life after a recession, and we need to simply focus on making a success of tomorrow rather than worrying about what’s happened in that past! It would also be true that Nick is thinking of the wine bar as a new ‘chapter’ in his own life – that happens to be starting at No 12 High Street, Hailsham…

Charlotte Collinson has always dreamed of being part of a family business so after a brainstorming session she jumped at the opportunity to become a partner in a local wine bar. For Charlotte the name Chapter 12 is inspired by the idea of the ‘book bars’ of Rome. Charlotte is keen that Chapter 12 will be a place where people can come and enjoy high quality service; sample some wonderful wines and some out of the ordinary produce in an environment that will have spaces to suit a bookworm or a group of friends alike.

However, it is true that the bar opened in 2012, Nick’s birthday is the 12th of the month, cases of wine come in 12s, there were originally 12 apostles, we’re open at least 12 hours a day (until 12 midnight most days),  12 months in the year, there are 12 signs of the zodiac etc. etc. – Oh yes! And I have proof read this page at least 12 times..! So these and other things may have played a part in the name – Chapter 12.

I guess though the name doesn’t really matter, what actually matters is that you as the customer get a lovely glass of wine or whatever your tipple may be, in pleasing surroundings with service like you have only ever read about (in a good way!) and that you would like to join us again very soon after departing from this lovely experience.

So come along and make your own reason to visit us at least once a month! (there is another 12 in that sentence isn’t there?)