The Evolution of Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Award Winning Chefs

James Chatfield with Steven Edwards (MasterChef Winner) and Michael Bremner (Great British Menu Winner)

You may have heard about some of the changes over the last few weeks at Chapter 12; your friends might have mentioned it or you could have read it on this website or even heard us talking about it.

But do you really know what has happened and is happening at Chapter 12?

Meet James Chatfield, ‘Chef Patron’ to Chapter 12.

James’ love for food started with his mum, Liz Chatfield, of Sylvia’s Kitchen. Food has always been a big part of James’ life, so when he professed the interest in transferring from front of house to the kitchen, it felt all very natural. The basics had already been learnt from a young age, cooking Sunday Roasts, baking, and learning the attitude that food should be loved and celebrated.

A scary and daunting task to run a restaurant kitchen, James jumped at the opportunity to put his stamp on the menu and create food that is worth travelling for, and worth talking about.

The current and future food menus feature the best of ‘Fresh, local & Sussex’ produce. Using suppliers that have worked out of Sussex for years, striving to provide only the best produce to people. James’ Granddad, Phil Hook of Hook and Son has worked from the area for years, using suppliers like Hook and Son give us the confidence every restaurant should have that the food and drink we place in front of our customers should be some of the best they have had.

James has been working with restaurants in Brighton to further his skills and learn new techniques to enhance the experience provided at Chapter 12.

Fresh Pasta

Fresh Hand Made Local Produce

He went to Etch on Wednesday 17th September, ready to learn and be shown what a Brighton restaurant is made of. Instead of cooking at the restaurant, James and Steven Edwards (Etch, MasterChef professionals’ winner 2013) went to cook at the Brighton Chef’s Table charity banquet for the Rocking Horse Charity at the Grand Hotel, Brighton.

James worked with Steven on his Duck and Celeriac dish and 4 other chefs including Alan White (exec head chef of the grand), Matt Gillan (Pike & Pine), Michael Bremner (64 degrees, Murmer, Great British Menu winner 2017) and Kenny Tutt (Masterchef winner 2017) each of whom crafted a course.

James obviously learnt a lot and thrived in the busy and professional atmosphere. James had a 2nd session with Steven Edwards, on Wed 31st Oct, a more conventional service where he got to see the real behind the scenes action at one of Brighton’s top restaurants.

James has said: ‘It is exciting and an honour to be able to work with chefs that I have such great admiration and respect for. I have learned so much from then in a short space of time which is so important when I am having to teach myself everyday’.

All of the restaurants James is spending time in during the Stages are double AA rosette restaurants, (James will have also had sessions in Isaac At and 64 Degrees) and it is important for us to learn what it takes to gain the rosette standard when that is something we are very much after.

If you’d like to sample James’ work as he goes through his journey and brings some first class style to Hailsham, then why not book a table?

Our next post will feature some of the key local suppliers we now use to create the ‘fresh. local. Sussex offer we now deliver, namely Hook and Son and Pea Pod Veg.