The Evolution of Chapter 12 (Part 2)

Working with local suppliers

Those of you who read our blog post last week will know we gave you a very brief introduction to the man behind the food at Chapter 12. To catch up with our previous blog click here

This week we are going to be letting you in on one of our secrets to being one of the best places to eat locally – and this element is not something we can take huge credit for other that creating the links to do business together.

So why use local produce?

Steve Hook left, Phil Hook right

Because we CAN, because it is BETTER, and because it SUPPORTS other small and local businesses like us. Businesses that are independent, hardworking and passionate about what they do. With all of those elements combined, we feel we can achieve a level of excellence on the food map in a way that Hailsham has not seen before.

Meet Hook & Son

Hook & Son (Phil and Steve) are a father and son team, working with cows to produce raw and pasteurised milk, butter and other dairy products. Farming has been in the Hook family for over 200 years, so we believe they really know what they are doing! The quality of the produce we receive from them is unparalleled. We currently use their pasteurised milk for our coffees which is thick, creamy and full of flavour, we use their butter where we need it and we also use the beef from the dairy cows which is the best beef we, and our customers, have ever had. Using the dairy cows to produce the beef burgers means there is not a burger like it in Hailsham, the unique, tender and full flavoured meat really makes for a burger to remember.

The love and care that goes in to the animals at Hook and Son is remarkable, and we think you can really taste the difference.

Pea Pod Veg

The same can be said of Pea Pod Veg, our vegetable supplier.  Pea Pod work the same farm as Hook & Son. Abby and Thad have been providing vegetable boxes to Hastings and the surrounding area since 2016. Unfortunately, the farm they began on didn’t renew their contract, that’s when Pea Pod Veg went out on its own and started at Longleys farm!

For us, going to the farm on a Wednesday morning and picking the vegetables we will need for the week with help of the growers really is an amazing experience. The freshness achieved, and the full flavours we are able to serve is down to the short distance the food has travelled and the short time span between the field and your plate! These really are fresh vegetables…

Watching the vegetables grow and being able to design our dishes around what is in season is a different and exciting experience for both our customers and our chef as it pushes us to create new approaches to restaurant cuisine and opens a new eating experience in Hailsham.

Why not book a table and experience the difference!

Next week we will be writing about our journey to food excellence by taking you through a few recipes and kitchen tricks that we use to wow you and other customers daily!

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