Winning Street… Our Summer 2017 Competition!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our summer #competition called ‘Winning Street’!

The rules are pretty simple, just call in to Chapter 12 and complete an entry form, and then keep an eye out on our social media each week to see if you’ve won… The best bit is though, that if you win, your neighbours win too!

We’ll send a #prize voucher, promotion or discount card to you if your entry is selected AND we’ll also send the same prize to all of your neighbours that share your postcode so that your street is really a ‘Winning Street’! and your neighbours can benefit from you winning!

Of course, if you encourage your neighbours to pop in and complete an entry form too, then you’ll have more chances to win!

The competition will run for 12 weeks and the first draw will be on Saturday 14th July 2017 – that’s 2 weeks from today – and the final draw will be on September 29th 2017…

There is no purchase necessary to enter and the entry form only takes a minute to complete, however, we’d love to see you pop in for a coffee, sandwich or and evening meal whilst you’re completing your entry form! Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Did you know you can book a table on our website?